Model for Ed

We’re always looking for models; all ages, shapes, sizes and looks. We are also always interested in possible shooting locations, i.e., business offices, nice yards, home interiors and interesting looking places.

Read the FAQ and send in the model submission form.
If you have any questions please email or call.


Can I bring someone with me to a photo shoot?

Yes. Bring a friend along, especially if you think she/he might be interested in modeling too. If you are under eighteen, a parent or guardian must be at the shoot.

What do I have to sign?

A standard model release must be signed before or at the shoot. Anyone under eighteen must have a parent or guardian sign the release. The model release gives us the right to sell or license the images for commercial purposes. It is basically a permission to publish the images.

How are the images used?

In stock photography images are licensed to commercial clients for use in ads (online and print), brochures, presentations, annual reports, design projects, magazines, books, websites, blogs, videos, posters, and many other usages. You may not realize it but every day you see many stock photos in use.

What do I need to know about the shoot?

Be on time. Please call ahead if there might be any delay.
Bring whatever clothing we have discussed. Don’t forget the accessories. Small items are important: shoes, jewelry, socks, glasses, belts, hats.
Unless we talked about it, clean shaven for men. Natural make-up for women, eyeliner not too dark, more can always be added! Bring make up, basic powder and choices of lip color.
Also bring any props we might have discussed: cell phone, laptop, earphones, etc.

What do I get for modeling? Will it cost me anything?

I usually work on a barter or exchange basis, modeling in exchange for prints (or images on a CD) to use in a portfolio, comp card or for personal use. No, it will not cost you anything. I hope to make money by selling usage of my images through various agencies. This becomes a benefit to the model who gets unique and professional quality images to use.

Can I refer a friend?

If you know anyone who would be a good model and enjoy working with me, please send them a link to this site. They can fill out a model submission form and email me their interest.

Are you open to my ideas?

Again, absolutely! Stock photography generally needs to portray an idea, feeling, concept or activity to be successful. The ideas models bring often open new directions for me. I think of the shoots as a collaborative effort. For that matter if you have any great location ideas, let me know.