About Us

I’ve been a commercial photographer for 35 years and for the last 20 involved in stock photography production. My image work is available through many stock photo agencies and is used all over the world.

I primarily produce commercial oriented stock images. In other words I create images on a speculative basis, place the selected images with an agency that will potentially sell commercial usage of them. I mainly produce lifestyle, business, family and concept images. I also paint and blend images in the computer.

Check out my artwork site: www.edbockeditions.com

I work with people from beginners to established talent. It is usually on a barter basis, i.e., modeling in exchange for prints (or images on a CD) to use in a portfolio, comp card or for personal use.

I think of the shoots as a collaborative effort and like to interview talent before deciding on going forward with a project. I am open to a model’s ideas and interests. I like to work with motivated people.

After 25 years in the Minneapolis warehouse district I closed my downtown studio and built a smaller but nicer studio in the backyard. I love working from home.

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